Monash University FODMAP diet App Reviews

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Great tool

Great tool to know what can be eaten or not,and in what size. The fact that it is an app which is updated as per the Monarch University latest findings is also very beneficial.

Would not recommend

This app is very expensive, is not practical and has limited food ideas. I printed off Information from the web and brought it shopping and that was more helpful. Would not recommend.

Pretty Good

I find this app useful for searching foods Im unsure about. It also provides serving sizes you can eat without triggering IBS symptoms. However, I think it needs more foods added to it and maybe a barcode scan would be useful for store bought foods. The cost of the app goes back into research, which I have no problem with. The layout could use an upgrade. I think its more likely people will just use it to search foods rather than read research materials or make shopping lists.

An amazing app

This app gives lots of info about the Fodmaps in foods and why some of us have problems. Very helpful for grocery shopping and planning foods to eat. And helps with the "whys".

Very informative

Great app, helps a lot with the FODMAP diet. Would be great to have information from more countries

Great app ; very informative

The app provides great information on the FODMAP diet, and I love being able to quickly add low FODMAP foods to my shopping list. However, the Diary feature only allows you to record meals which recipes are provided within the app. I would prefer to be able to record customized meals, as I am not always eating meals strictly based on these recipes. Without being able to do so renders the Diary feature pretty useless.


I bought this hoping it would help me with food and groceries, but it barely has any food listed for Canada. I cant search anything in the grocery stores. It lists fruits and vegetables but I need to know about packaged foods. The description of the app does not state that the food is primarily for Australia. They really need to put that detail in!! Dont buy or waste money if you dont live in Australia.

Need a LOT of work.

Searching for foods on this app is terrible. I found the app overpriced but was desperate to have something I could QUICKLY search for foods to eat and add to diary. Very disappointed. They need a person who designed lets say MyFoodDiary to get this up and running. I wish I could get my $7 back.

The app is very difficult to use for folks in the USA since most food choices in the Guide are not available here. Also many foods listed as approved, are actually high in FODMAPS. Hope it will be more user friendly soon.

Overall okay app

Its helpful to have everything in one place but the list isnt that comprehensive. The app would be five stars if it had brands, and ALL food.

Great idea but...

Just downloaded and already see a problem-- why is black tea with cows milk rated green but plain black tea rated yellow (moderate in terms of fodmaps)?!

Thank you!

For the first time in years I am in possession of a tool that helps me with IBS. It isnt perfect but very helpful. The " traffic light" system is easy enough for kids to follow. Cant wait to see more as it updates info.

Outstanding information, miserable search experience

I wanted an app that would let me easily look up the FODMAP status of ingredients. I tried 9 different apps, everything I could find in the App Store that seemed relevant, mostly paid apps. This app provides ingredient lookups through its Guide section. The information is excellent, with not only a simple "thumbs up or down" rating but details on specific triggers and portion sizes. I go to this app first. I trust the information. It seems authoritative. It covers as many ingredients as most other apps, and the information is well structured and easy to understand. Minor problem: you must have a network connection for search to work. I assume thats so we can get the latest results from an online source. Cant complain too much. Lets say plus one for current information, and minus one for not just downloading the latest information to the device with each app update. That would probably make search faster, too. Major problem: the search function is nothing short of broken. The problem is with the "show results as you type" feature. If they turned that off, making you type in the whole term and hit enter, it would be a better app. The search-as-you-type, though, is mind-bogglingly bad. Example: look up "blackberry". 1. Type "b" and it says "no results". Really? No ingredients with a "b"? 2. Add an "l" for "bl" and there we go. Several results. But wait... no blackberries. And most of the results dont seem to include "bl" anywhere in the name. 3. Add an "a" for "bla" and... "no results" again. Huh? 4. Add a "c" for "blac" and there are even more results than for "bl", which is weird. But still no blackberries. 5. Go the whole way to "blackber" and... no results again. 6. Finally! When you reach "blackberr" youll see the result for blackberry. Im a very experienced programmer. I respect the difficulty of getting things working. But this is really, really weaksauce stuff. Its a shame to mar such excellent information with such poor search functionality. The apps works well for me otherwise. Overall, its worth downloading the app. Just dont expect the live search to show anything meaningful.

Better than nothing, but needs work

This app could be so much better! My biggest annoyance is their inconsistent and unreasonable serving sizes. You can *never* take their red-yellow-green lights at face value, you have to look at the serving size. One veg might show as red in the app, but green for the exact same (smaller) serving size as a similar veg, since their servings are so inconsistent. And seriously, who considers 2 Brussels sprouts or 10 blueberries a serving?

Search Improved

I have been using this app recently to help me determine which foods are allowed on the Low FODMAP diet, and it has been very helpful. The recent improvement in the search function was good (there were definite issues before). I would like to see information on more foods, when possible, particularly more vegetables, such as baby kale and acorn squash. Thank you!

Incomplete and frustrating to use

After paying so much for this app I would have figured it would have the most complete food database but there are huge gaps that lead me back to Googling. Also, the search function needs some re-tooling. Currently it is only useful if you pick a master category first, then search. If you simply search from the root list youll get no results. I figured this app would save me from googling "[foodname] FODMAP" but instead I have to do that anyway after not finding results here.

Search is no broken

This was a great app. The latest version literally will not return any search results, which makes the app absolutely useless. I would not purchase this until Monash fixes the search engine.

Very helpful tool

This diet has liberated me from IBS and this app has been extremely helpful. The sensitivity tool was helpful in highlighting foods in each category that were high in that particular FODMAP. I like that all of the info about the diet is in one spot. Its a very complicated diet but if you do the work it will make a big change in your life and this app has been my guide all along the way.

Not worth the money!

The database is vague and very limited. Many basic ingredient foods are not included. Descriptions of many of the processed foods dont appear to match anything on an American grocery shelf. Most of the useful information found in this app can also be found on free graphics available on the Internet. The portion size indicators could be helpful if there were more foods in the database. The food diary did me little good as an American. Many things I eat are not in the database and there are not equivalents. Maybe it works if you are able to follow their proscribed diet. For example, the app has several versions of gluten-free bread, but base ingredients are not included so that you can compare them to the brands that are available on the grocery store shelf. This app is probably worth about $2, not $8. I really hope after spending the money that the updates include a lot more foods that I actually can purchase.

Waste of money, dont buy

There are so many discrepancies that this app ends up being more confusing than helpful. A ripe banana is not ok but an unripe one is? Dont waste your money, just research online instead.

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