Monash University Low FODMAP Diet App Reviews

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I bought this hoping it would help me with food and groceries, but it barely has any food listed for Canada. I cant search anything in the grocery stores. It lists fruits and vegetables but I need to know about packaged foods. The description of the app does not state that the food is primarily for Australia. They really need to put that detail in!! Dont buy or waste money if you dont live in Australia.

Im not sure why this app was so expensive

I also wish there were more recipes. Overall I feel I could get this from a free app so I will update with a comparison.

Great tool

Great tool to know what can be eaten or not,and in what size. The fact that it is an app which is updated as per the Monarch University latest findings is also very beneficial.

Love it

I love this app immensely! Please correct the spelling of plantain though - its spelled "plaintain" on the app. Many thanks!!!

I depend on it

My son and I are glucose intolerant and this app helps a lot. I wish they would update the list more often and add more food (like papaya...). Also the search does not work. There is conflicting info in this app and the basic sheet I got from the dr. (Like broccoli and eggplant) which is confusing.

Good app but should be more affordable

There are many ingredient and recipes which are not from US, the app should be more convenient for the country you are using for! The price is high in relation to the product. There are many ideas and suggestions we can find just looking in internet Instead of using this app! I recommend not pay for this app $8 us, is better just looking information for free in internet! Hopefully the developer considers this and change the price!

Indispensable resource

The concept of FODMAPs is new to me as of the last month; my doctor informed me of them and the elimination diet, and she strongly recommended I download this app. Im so glad I did! I wouldnt be able to do this diet without it.

Sooo helpful!!!

The low FODMAP Diet can feel overwhelming... but this app makes it much less so! Is it worth the price? Heck yes! I rarely buy apps, but this was a great purchase. I use it nearly every grocery store trip I go on, as well as frequently at home. This app is designed by people who are actually doing the testing on foods regarding FODMAP content... theres a lot of contradicting info out there but thats why its good to have this app, because its from the people actually doing the research, so you can always go here to get the actual, factual, accurate info. Im very much looking forward to the next update :-)

Bery helpful

This app is well done, the rating system is very intuitive. It has help me tremendously to identify foods and has improved my symptoms very much. Wish that it was adapted better to US market. Thanks very good app.

My favorite and best app for all things FODMAP

Thank you to the researchers and designers who built this useful tool. It deserves much higher ratings. I appreciate the updates. I use this app all the time and it has improved my health.

Great app ; very informative

The app provides great information on the FODMAP diet, and I love being able to quickly add low FODMAP foods to my shopping list. However, the Diary feature only allows you to record meals which recipes are provided within the app. I would prefer to be able to record customized meals, as I am not always eating meals strictly based on these recipes. Without being able to do so renders the Diary feature pretty useless.

Waste of money! Limited options!

This app contains just a few food options, which makes it unpractical for daily use. Why to pay $8, if you cant find what youre r normally eating and seeing in the supermarket or restaurant. The app is limited and also, not easy to use.

Waste of money

This app is very international, which is great...except that where I live (USA) they havent got many of the foods listed in the database. And many of the foods we have got here, just arent in the database. The recipes are also a disappointment. Instead of focusing on foods you CAN eat, most of the recipes use small amounts of foods I cant eat, or substitutions with fake versions of food I cant eat. Its basically like junk food vegan only for low FODMAP. Wish I hadnt bought this, waste of money.

Good idea but needs improvement

I tried a number of free apps before spending the money on this one and after the first day or two really liked it, but its been down hill from there. I am new to FODMAP and needed something to help with identifying what to buy and what I could/couldnt eat but also wanted to be able to track my symptoms and help identify what my triggers could be. Menus pre populate for you but you have to manually take them out and cant unless you replace it with something else first. If you skip a meal, the recommended menu stays in place. You only have 5 personalized meal options you can track so if you add a 6th option late in the week, it changes whatever you ate the previous day to that item as well. You can only track 1 week at a time but the report feature actually shuts down the app and wont open.

So Helpful!

I have been using this app to manage my daughters diet for a few years now. While it took sometime to learn to navigate, it has helped us identify exactly which FODMAPs cause problems and has given us the opportunity to try new foods. It is a little tricky to figure out some of the Australian names for foods but the picture helps and the new country feature is also very helpful. I also love the resources about FODMAP. It has helped me understand my daughter condition and better meet her dietary needs.

Great app. Super clear and well thought out

Read about the Monash team and app in the US Well + Good email. Well worth the money and has totally transformed my how I eat Was already healthy but still getting ibs Not anymore since using this. Super easy to use and positive yummy suggestions too. Keep the good work up!

Mixed results

Recent update was excellent. Wish the ap could share data with Apple Health. I was initially very disappointed in this app. However, as I have used it more and discovered that one can add recipes, I am more impressed. Unfortunately, it does not allow you to edit those recipes without adding another version. It lacks most ethnic foods and recipe categories we enjoy - Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian, Thai, for example. It disagrees with the handout my Gastroentorologist gave me. I assume the app is more up-to-date but dont know that for certain.

App is contradicting

App says stay away from milk. Milk is bad. Milk is high in fodmaps. Go to the first recipe. First ingredient is milk. You dont even need to put milk in an egg omelette to begin with.

Very informative

Great app, helps a lot with the FODMAP diet. Would be great to have information from more countries

Handy for IBS sufferer

I check this app regularly because when I follow the low FODMAP diet, my IBS symptoms are more manageable. Ive almost memorized what I can and cant eat thanks to this handy app! I look forward to seeing more food items added. It would be nice if I can track my symptoms on a chart if I eat certain food items. This is being offered by other apps.

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